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Very Professional, No Pressure

Both men were very professional. They explained everything they were doing and did not pressure me in any way. I decided that I liked them so much, I took out a 1 yr. service agreement.

Superb Job

This company and workers did a superb job! Very professional and courteous. Made sure I was happy and took great care of us. Would recommend them to all. In good hands and priced very fair.

Highly Recommended

These people are wonderful! I called simply to have an inspection/cleaning of heating element prior to the onset of severe winter weather. The did just that… replaced a coil, after explaining that it wasn’t necessary… but would be a good idea. Then, I asked a question about pieces of insulation that had recently blown through a floor register. The agent went into my crawl space and repaired/taped insulation around a pipe that had been damaged by a mouse. THEN he continued by inspecting every area of the crawl space for further or similar damage, finding none. He did all this extra, no charge. We also discussed when I should replace the current element, signs I should watch for, and the approximate cost of recommended units. No pressure whatsoever… just important information. Great! Highly recommended… hands down!

Very Professional, Very Caring

Great, no problems. We called and initially left a message. He came the next day, on a Saturday, after his church function was over. We looked over the options that would allow us to do what we needed to within a certain budget, and he was very helpful in showing us the options. The price was very fair, especially comparing it to the first guy that came to do the same thing. By that Friday afternoon, everything was done, and other than the new units being in place and working great, you could not tell that anyone had ever been there. Very professional, very caring about his customers. No problem in referring to others!

Professionalism and Promptness

Service was performed with the utmost professionalism and promptness. The technician explained  the process and offered recommendations. Was able to easily and quickly troubleshoot a problem. Great  response and easy to work with.

Case Study #1

I was amazed…the other company we got a bid from was cheaper, but they weren’t as thorough. I felt like I would get a better quality job from Central Heat & Air because Doc took a lot of time finding out what I wanted, measuring the house and doing all those calculations. I am so pleased. The house is so comfortable now!”

“I was amazed…the other company we got a bid from was cheaper, but they weren’t as thorough. I felt like I would get a better quality job from Central Heat & Air because Doc took a lot of time finding out what I wanted, measuring the house and doing all those calculations. I am so pleased. The house is so comfortable now!”

Susan Ritzhaupt (center) and her parents Mr. and Mrs. Rinehart, Cleveland, TN


Ms Ritzhaupt was building a new sunroom onto her house. She wanted the new sunroom to be open to the rest of the house so she could move freely between the sunroom and the rest of the house. Also, the existing house had always had problems with comfort. Part of the house had two stories and part was single story (a split-level house). When the living room was comfortable, the bedrooms or basement den was uncomfortable and vice-versa.

An additional factor was that the old air conditioning and heating system was located outside right next to the sunroom and the backyard pool. It was very noisy and was in the way of a laundry room that she wanted to build next to the sunroom


After Doc Garner performed a heating/cooling load calculation load, he recommended that a slightly larger unit be installed to accommodate the new sunroom. He also recommended that a zoning system be added to the existing ductwork to provide comfort to both the new room and the existing house. A thermostat was located in each of four areas of the house, each controlling air dampers to that zone.

To eliminate the noise of the outside unit by the pool, the new air conditioner was installed on the other side of the house, away from the backyard and the living areas of the house. A high efficiency furnace was installed in the unfinished basement.


Ms Ritzhaupt can set the thermostat in any zone to the temperature she likes and the heating/cooling system handles the rest. Her sunroom is as comfortable on a sunny day as her basement den and second floor bedrooms. And no more noisy air conditioner in the back yard, either!

Ms Ritzhaupt: “ I was amazed at how easy Doc made everything. He did all these calculations and then told us that he could make it so that all areas of the house could be comfortable. The other company we got a bid from was cheaper, but they just weren’t as thorough. I felt like I would get a better quality job from Central because Doc took a lot of time finding out what I wanted, measuring the house and doing all those calculations. I am so pleased. The house is so comfortable now and I don’t have to turn off the air conditioner to sit in my backyard any more! ”

Very Satisfied Customer

We bought a new AC Unit in 2016 this company. after having it almost a year, it seemed as if we needed a little more of an AC Unit to keep the house comfortable. We called Doc and Tony and they were out here within a half a day to take readings and run more tests and discovered that we would be better off with a larger unit. Took them a day to get the unit in, 3 hrs to put it in! They were prompt, quick and kept my pregnant self, my husband and 3 kids cool. We really appreciate them for such good service and taking care of our needs w a friendly attitude and a helping hand. Very Satisfied Customer

Very Pleased

I had a unit replaced with a new one. I am very pleased with my experience. I would recommend Tony and his guys to anyone!

Thorough Job

Frank did a thorough job fixing a problem and maintaining our system. He also was happy to answer our questions about the heating and AC system.

Extremely Happy

Extremely happy with the quick response in the hottest part of the summer and the repair work.

Professionalism and Timeliness

Travis, the gentleman from Central Heat & Air Co was punctual, neat, friendly, and got to work quickly. He found the origin of the problem and was able to fix without any mess or drama. We did have to replace a part of the unit, a capacitor, which is never something you want to have to do; however, the part is under warranty and I am happy with the results. They also offer a warranty on the call, so if they did need to come back to address the issue again, it would be covered. I would definitely call on them again if needed. I appreciated the professionalism and timeliness of the call.

Great service, Very professional

Great service. Very professional. Doc determined my unit was overcharged which was causing it to run inefficiently. I have been using them to keep my home comfortable since 2006 and will continue.

Great Prices, Same Day Service

Would certainly recommend to anyone. Doc did a very thorough job of checking everything out, and was a pleasure to chat with too. Great prices and same day service just make it even better.

Friendly and Professional

We’ve had many different HVAC companies out to service our unit over the years. Each was good but never great. We tried CH&A and I am very glad we did. Everything from the initial phone call to the service was great! Our technician was superb! Friendly and professional! Thank you for running such an outstanding company!

Kind, efficient, and honest

Frank came to my house and diagnosed and repaired my unit in under 30 minutes. He was kind, efficient, and honest. I appreciated how quickly he worked and how he took the time to make sure I understood what was going on. I will definitely be calling them for any future issues.

Case Study #2

“Best of all, though, is that our home is comfortable both upstairs and downstairs no matter how hot or cold it gets outside!”


My wife and I have a two-story house. The air conditioner could never get the second floor cool enough to be comfortable without freezing out the first floor.


Tony Bishop at Central Air has been doing the annual maintenance on our system for several years now. We asked him if there was a solution to our problem. Tony came out, inspected our existing system and recommended a “dual zone” system. We would still only need one central a/c unit. He said that they could install a damper in the crawl-space under our house. He explained that when the temperature on the first floor was cool enough, this damper would shut off the first floor and then direct all the cool air upstairs until the proper temperature there was achieved. Then the a/c unit would shut down.

We hired them for the job. They spent several days in our 2-3’ high crawl space under the house installing new ductwork and the damper necessary. They did an excellent job, cleaned up any mess they made, and performed all their work in a professional manner.

It was also at this time that we elected to have Central replace our 15 year old inefficient energy burner HVAC system. Tony measured our home, counted how many vents and returns we had, then calculated what type and size unit we would need. He recommended we go with a York, because of its performance and dependability. Our old unit had a SEER rating of 8 and our new 4-ton York is rated at 15-16 SEER.


We have noticed a big improvement on our electric bill, even during our recent heat wave. It will only be a few years before the energy savings will offset the cost of the upgrade.  Best of all, though, is that our home is comfortable both upstairs and downstairs no matter how hot or cold it gets outside!

After they had finished the job, they had to come back and make a few adjustments to the system. We needed to determine the correct location for the new second-floor wireless thermostat. They also had to re-locate a floor duct in a second floor bedroom because the new system actually put too much air in that room. Now every room is comfortable to be in.

Thanks for everything.

Michael & Mala Rogers

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