Comfort Club

FREE 5-Year Repair Warranty With Comfort Club Membership

  • Precision Tune-Up for Air Conditioning and Heating
  • FREE Priority Service
  • FREE Diagnostic Fee
  • 10 Percent Repair Discount
  • Up-Front Pricing
  • Extend the Life of Your System

Return Your Heat and Air System to "Factory Fresh" Conditions

Just a few of the things we check when you are a Comfort Club Member:


  1. Test for carbon monoxide to be sure your heating system is safe
  2. Clean ignition assembly to ensure reliable operation first time, every time
  3. Inspect furnace heat section to ensure safe operation and the absence of cracks from metal fatigue
  4. Inspect flue pipe and gas supply line to ensure no corrosion or wear is present that can lead to the introduction of dangerous gasses into your home
  5. Gas flame inspected to check for clogged burners and abnormal flame pattern
  6. Safety controls cycled and tested to assure all automatic safety controls function as designed
  7. Clean condenser coil to keep unit performing at maximum efficiency for lower power bills
  8. Apply protective coating to outside unit to protect finish


  1. Test refrigerant charge by pressure and/or temperature leading to lower utility usage and extended compressor life
  2. Test capacitors to ensure reliable operation and continued compressor and motor protection
  3. Inspect for signs of leaks to head off expensive future refrigerant leaks
  4. Inspect and test controls and safeties to keep operating costs low and prevent failures
  5. Condenser fan motor and fan checked to prevent unexpected failure


  1. Auxiliary heat strips checked to ensure that your back-up heater will be there when you need it on extremely cold nights
  2. Inspect ductwork to identify obvious leaks, which reduce system efficiency and increase utility expense
  3. Tighten electrical connections to ensure uninterrupted system operation
  4. Measure voltage and amperage to identify base line operating conditions
  5. Lubricate moving parts, where required, to maintain efficiency and extend equipment life
  6. Clean inside coil (if accessible) to restore heat transfer efficiency, reduce utility cost, and improve air quality
  7. Check all relays and sequencers to ensure proper operation and prevent failure
  8. Clean condensate drains to prevent water damage and the potential for mold formation
  9. Clean or replace filters (customer provided) to reduce energy use, reduce compressor strain, improve indoor air quality, and improve comfort
  10. Inspect blower motor and fan for excessive dirt accumulation and imbalance to assure performance to factory specifications

When you invest in our Comfort Club, we will provide you with two service calls: an air conditioning precision tune-up, and a healing system professional cleaning and safely inspection. Plus...

+  We  extend the warranty on all repairs for five years.

+ FREE SERVICE CALLS! If you're not sure your system is working right, we'II come out for FREE to check it out.

+ We provide you with priority service so that you move the front of the line. We have most Comfort Club members going again within a few hours!

+ We guarantee prices on all repairs before work begins, no matter how long the repair takes.

+ We offer a 10 percent discount on the total repair in the unlikely event something breaks between inspections.

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