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7 Ways To Lower Your Energy Bill

Every year you seem to face increasing heating costs. Winter may bring the festive holiday season, but staying warm can be costly. However, there are ways you can stay warm without having to pay astronomical bills. Here we will present 7 easy tips that you can do at home to help lower the cost of your energy bill.
Use Your FansNo, you didn’t misread that. Did you know that the direction your fan operates can play a significant role in cooling or warming your home? During the summer, you want your fan to run counterclockwise to help cool your home. However, in the winter we recommend setting your fan to rotate clockwise on its lowest speed to help push down the warm air near the ceiling.

Close Your Chimney

If you are frequently using your chimney for warm fires, then that is one thing. However, many homes have a chimney that is never in use. Heat rises, and if the chimney is open then you are allowing lots of warm air to leave your home, not to mention allowing even colder air to enter. If you do use your fireplace during the winter, just be sure to use a damper when it is not in use. This will help keep the warm air inside your home where it should be.

Lower Thermostat

How many hours a day does your home remain unoccupied? Parents go to work and kids to school, leaving your home empty. By setting your thermostat just ten degrees lower can save you up to 15%. Your furnace may have to run longer when you get home to raise the temperature, but it will still cost you less. Consider lowering the thermostat even when you’re asleep. If you can keep your house heated at 65 degrees even when you are home, then you’ll start seeing the savings immediately. Try it. You may have to use an extra blanket or an additional layer of clothing, but it just may be worth it to you.

Space Heaters

These little guys have actually come a long way in the past ten years. Instead of using the furnace to heat your whole house, with many rooms unoccupied, consider using a space heater in the room you spend the most time in, like the family room. They are surprisingly effective and can keep you from constantly running your furnace to heat the whole house when you are all spending most of the night in one or two rooms.

Seal Openings

Why spend extra money to heat your home if the warm air is escaping through cracks and openings? Make sure that your home is able to retain its heat by caulking cracks and areas that are exposed. You can use weather strips on the outside of your home to help seal in that heat. You’ll want to pay close attention to your windows and doors to determine if there is a draft at the seams.

Blinds and Drapes

When the sun is shining, make sure your blinds and drapes are open. The sun is the most natural source of heat for our planet; don’t defeat its purpose in winter by keeping blinds and drapes shut when the sun is out. Conversely, when sunlight is not entering your home, then keep those blinds and drapes shut. They will act as a small layer of insulation, particularly when heating your home with your furnace, fireplace, or space heaters.

Furnace Maintenance

It is a good idea to have your furnace serviced and inspected at the beginning of each winter to ensure that it will run properly when you need it most. Be sure to frequently replace your home’s air filters (ideally once a month, but at least once every 90 days). If your furnace has to work more than it should due to faulty maintenance or a dirty filter, then you will most certainly see a rise in your energy bill. Overworking your furnace will also decrease its lifespan.

If your furnace needs to be serviced or if you are wondering how else you can lower your energy bill, then be sure to contact us at Central Heat & Air. We proudly serve residents of the Cleveland, TN, area.





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