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What We Do On a Preventive Maintenance Call and Why

Utility companies, manufacturers and Central Heat and Air Co of Cleveland TN. recommend that central heat and air systems be serviced regularly.   Central heat and air systems operate many…

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7 Ways To Lower Your Energy Bill

Every year you seem to face increasing heating costs. Winter may bring the festive holiday season, but staying warm can be costly. However, there are ways you can stay warm…

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How to Know If You Need Your Air Ducts Sealed

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your HVAC system isn’t regulating your home’s temperature the way that it should. If you have an HVAC system with some years behind it, you may…

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How Important is it to Change Your Air Filter?

The quality of air inside your home is nothing to sneeze at, if you'll pardon our pun. Changing your air filters on a regular basis promotes cleaner air and peace…

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Preparing Your Home Before Vacation

Ready for a vacation? Your home should be too! Careful planning can not only help protect your home and your belongings while you travel, but also provide your family with…

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What You Need to Know About HEPA Air Filters

Air filtration is a top concern for many, especially those with young children or those with respiratory conditions. And, if air filtration is not a priority in your home, it…

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Is a More Expensive HVAC Filter Better?

HVAC Air Purifiers Whole-house air purifiers are becoming an increasingly popular component of the heating and cooling systems in many homes. Wondering why? Check out the benefits below! Fewer allergy…

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Why AC Units Freeze and How to Prevent It From Happening

Summer is a wonderful time. The kids are out of school, the pools are open, and the great outdoors are just calling you for all sorts of adventures. Even though…

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