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What We Do On a Preventive Maintenance Call and Why

Utility companies, manufacturers and Central Heat and Air Co of Cleveland TN. recommend that central heat and air systems be serviced regularly.  

Central heat and air systems operate many hours per year and are not inexpensive to replace. Many times, problems can be spotted before they become critical. But even more importantly, regular cleaning and inspecting of these systems keeps them operating at peak efficiency and safety.

We have done thousands of PM inspections and have found that while most systems are in fine shape, about one in three have some kind of issue that needs addressing.  We often find things like burned contactor points that will fail soon, a capacitor that still works but is performing at lower levels than design, low refrigerant levels, wiring that is overheating, motors that are failing, or coils in need of cleaning.  Any of these issues will eventually cause the system to fail and some will permanently damage the system.

To replace a central heat and air system can cost from $5000 to $15,000.  It makes sense to keep it maintained to make it last as long as possible. Average life of a central system is 12-18 years.  The difference between whether your system is replaced in 12 or 25 years may be whether that system is maintained regularly.

What do we do on a maintenance call?

We have a checklist that we go through on every call. Be sure to get a copy of the completed checklist when the technician is finished.  This list includes checking things like: Contactor points, refrigerant level, capacitor, heat strip relays and elements, blower, condensate drain, burners, valves, carbon monoxide test, coils, ductwork, and many other things that are critical to a safe and efficient system.

When we have checked all systems and found everything in good condition, we clean the outdoor coil and clean the outside cabinet of the system. We believe that a system we service should look as good on the outside as it does on the inside.

Our precision preventive maintenance (PM) takes from 30 to 60 minutes and strives to keep your system at original factory levels of performance.  Next to changing your filters regularly, it’s the best thing you can do for your heat and air system.

So, be sure to contact us at your convenience, we’ll be happy to schedule your next maintenance call.


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