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Central Heat and Air Company of Chattanooga TN.

While the average life of an air company is less than five years, we’ve been serving East Tennessee and North Georgia since 1979. That alone says a lot, but we don’t live in the past. We have constantly worked to provide the most up-to-date Heating and Air Conditioning repair and installation systems on the market today.

Our NATE Certified technicians are trained in the latest technologies and in customer service. We use background checks and drug tests to assure you that we have only the most trustworthy and skilled HVAC technicians representing our company. Our dispatching technology can instantly tell us where all our technicians are at any time, so that when you call, we can give you an accurate estimate of when we can be at your home. We are so confident that you will be pleased with every aspect of your experience with us that we include the best guarantees around. The bottom line is, If you’re not happy, we will do all we can to make you happy!

Fast Service. Expert Home Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

When your heating or AC system goes down, or is causing your energy bills to skyrocket, our technicians are ready to go to work for you. We understand that if you have a heating or cooling issue in your home, it’s a big problem and you need a solution FAST! We have technicians placed all over Chattanooga, Southeast TN and North Georgia, so they can have most heating and air systems back in operation within the same day and usually within hours!

Our Company Provides the Following Heating and AC Repair Services:

Heat and AC Service – Chattanooga TNComplete Heating & Air Conditioning Service and Repair for the Chattanooga area.
Our technicians are distributed all over Chattanooga, Southeast Tennessee, and North Georgia. This allows us to have most air and heating units up and running within hours, not days.

Courteous employees, you can trust with your family.
We have trustworthy NATE Certified technicians who will respect your home. Our employees won’t wear dirty shoes on your carpet, smoke, or use foul language. We’ll always clean up after finishing a job. If our employees don’t perform to your standards, you won’t pay a penny until you are satisfied. Awarded the Super Service Award with Angie’s List four years in a row, we are a respected contractor on TVA’s Quality Contractor List and AAA rated by Better Business Bureau. Have greater peace of mind knowing you’re contacting a company that’s licensed and insured in Chattanooga and surrounding counties.

Emergency heating and air conditioning repairs in hours, not days.
We don’t want you to sweat through summer with no air or shiver through winter with no heat. We will have you up and running with heat or air fast, so you can get back to enjoying your home. We work around your schedule and situation. Whether it’s an emergency or a weekend mishap, Central Heat & Air will be there. With our dispatching technology, we can give you an estimated time of arrival of your service technician.

Full installation services for replacement and new systems.
We design, install, and service air and heating systems for homes and businesses. We’ll also give you honest advice. Therefore, if your system is over 10 years old, we’ll help you decide if an upgrade to a new system makes sense. We can show you the benefits of a system replacement and tell you about our financing options and special deals. Whether you’re building a new home or replacing an old system, we have top brands like Carrier, Tempstar and Mitsubishi.

Low-interest financing and exclusive promotions for select products.
We have financing available with low monthly payments. We also accept Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. As a TVA Quality Contractor, we can offer low interest, utility company financing for most areas in Southeast TN and North GA with payments so low, you will save enough on electric costs and repairs to pay for your new heat pump with the savings.

Products and services to improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality.
We assess homes for air quality problems and can recommend ways to keep the air in your home healthy with high efficiency air cleaners, humidifiers, UV lights, zone controls, and fresh air vents.

Budget-friendly maintenance agreements for heating and air conditioning service.
Regular maintenance will reduce the chances of a future breakdown and save you money on your energy bill. Our maintenance agreements include a semi-annual safety, efficiency, and performance check. We’ll find the least expensive option for a professional repair. Central Heat & Air is the choice for speedy, expert, and courteous service.

Advice to help you save money by reducing energy consumption and unnecessary repairs.
We’re trained in the most up-to-date technology, from Wi-Fi thermostats to high-efficiency filters, to energy-wise home improvements, we’re glad to show you installation costs and energy savings.

Duct Cleaning

When was the last time you had your ducts cleaned? If it’s been a while, or even worse, if you’ve never had your ducts cleaned, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. Few people think about the ducts that circulate all the air in their home several times per hour. But how many times would you drink water out of a cup before washing it? Probably more often than every 20 years!

Over the years, your ducts collect a wide variety of stuff. With our video cameras, we have seen the usual dust bunnies, hair balls, small toys, and dried food particles. But we’ve also seen mold, dried mouse droppings, dried mice, dried worms, dead bugs and other unmentionables. But perhaps the worst offenders are the mites that feed off of these organic materials and multiply. The air in your ducts picks up these very small creatures, along with their waste matter, and distribute them throughout your home. This can cause all sorts of health issues with your family: nasal congestion, asthma, itching, coughing, etc. Removing the food they eat greatly reduces the amount of mites in your home and improves the health of your family.

Why should you have your ducts cleaned by a licensed and insured Air Conditioning Company?
We recently cleaned the ducts of a customer who had just had her ducts cleaned two years ago. She was seeing mold in her vents and found us on Angie’s List. In the process of cleaning her ducts, we also opened up her 23 year-old heat pump to service it. What we found would turn your stomach! There was a solid coating of mold covering every component of her heat pump! For years, every cubic foot of air in her home was circulated over all this mold several times per hour. The sad thing is that the company that did her duct cleaning two years ago had just cleaned her ducts and ignored her moldy heat pump, which was much dirtier than her ducts!

Why? Because they don’t know anything about heat pumps. It’s like expecting your landscaping company to service your car.

We know where to look for mold in your heating and air conditioning system. And we know how to remove it and keep it from coming back. We use the best duct cleaning equipment money can buy, then send our experienced heat and air technicians to clean your ducts as well as clean and service your heat and air system. We use a color video camera to run down the ducts before and after we clean them so you can see the difference. When we’re finished with your duct cleaning and equipment service, your home will smell better and be healthier.

Mitsubishi Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning Solutions

A new kind of air conditioning and heating is sweeping the nation: ductless mini-splits. This is a type of heating and cooling that consists of one outdoor unit connected to one or more indoor blower/coil units hanging or a wall or ceiling inside. There is no duct-work because the inside blower/coils quietly blow heat or cool directly into the living area.

For over forty years, ducted central heat and air conditioning has been the way most of Americans heat and cool our homes. But in other parts of the world, central, ducted systems wasn’t what they needed. So if you travel to Europe or Asia, you will rarely see a ducted system in a residential dwelling. In America, we are discovering what much of the rest of the world has known for many years: Ductless Mini-splits are more economical to install and to operate than central heat and air systems. We are starting to see more and more people requesting ductless mini-split systems for their new homes or to replace their old traditional central system. They are efficient and remarkably quiet.

We are proud Diamond dealers for Mitsubishi ductless mini-split systems, the #1 selling ductless brand in America. In order to qualify for this honor, we attended a rigorous multi-day training program on the proper methods of installing and servicing Mitsubishi systems. We have installed other brands of ductless mini-splits, but Mitsubishi is the performance and quality leader. The most common applications we have seen is providing comfort to a sun-room, bonus room over the garage, a basement room, or any separate zone where the central system just can’t properly control the temperatures.
For more information check out Mitsubishi’s web site: http://www.mehvac.com/

Seasonal Heating and Cooling System Tune-Up

For most of us, changing from Heating to Cooling means simply switching our thermostat from “heat” to “cool” or vice versa. We take for granted that when we command our thermostat to give us comfort, it will do so immediately. And most of the time, it does its job perfectly. Until it doesn’t.

You see, your heating/cooling system is a complex machine with many components that must work perfectly to be able to obey your thermostat’s call for comfort. Components such as relays, controls, safety controls, valves, refrigerant, motors, blowers… There’s a lot that goes into keeping your home comfortable and safe. All of these components must work perfectly for your unit to give you the comfort you need. There are even some components that can be serious safety risks if they fail.

A checkup of your heating/cooling system is important to assure your home will be comfortable year-round. Our expert technicians examine and test all these components to be sure they are doing their job properly, check electrical connections, check refrigerant charge, check for Carbon Monoxide and many other things that only an expert eye can see.

Call now to have your heating/cooling system checked by the pro’s at Central Heat and Air Co.
TVA believes in professional tune-ups so much that they will pay you to have us do it! Go to www.2escore.com to sign up for rebates on many home improvements.

Heating and Air Conditioning Installation, Service and Repair

It’s our aim to repair your furnace or air conditioner at the lowest possible cost. However, if your system is over 10 years old, we will not automatically recommend that you sink more money into a system that old without advising you about your choices. Our technician can show you the benefits of replacing your old system so you can make the best choice. He can also tell you about TVA rebates, special deals and financing options.

We Have The Best Reputation a Company Can Have!

Check us out on Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, TVA’s Quality Contractor List, or even ask your neighbor and you’ll find that our customers have a lot of good things to say about us. We are licensed in Chattanooga and surrounding counties, insured, and factory-authorized dealers for many quality brands of equipment.

If you need Home Heating or Air Conditioning Service in Chattanooga or the surrounding area, call us today at (423) 718-0108! We look forward to serving you and caring for your heating and AC unit!

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We bought a new AC Unit in 2016 this company. after having it almost a year, it seemed as if we needed a little more of a AC Unit to keep the house comfortable. We called Doc and Tony and they were out here within a half a day to take readings and run more tests and discovered that we would be better off with a larger unit. Took them a day to get the unit in, 3 hrs to put it in! They were prompt, quick and kept my pregnant self, my husband and 3 kids cool. We really appreciate them for such good service , and taking care of our needs w a friendly attitude and a helping hand . Very Satisfied Customer

Great Prices, Same Day Service

Would certainly recommend to anyone. Doc did a very thorough job of checking everything out, and was a pleasure to chat with too. Great prices and same day service just make it even better.