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How to Know If You Need Your Air Ducts Sealed

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your HVAC system isn’t regulating your home’s temperature the way that it should. If you have an HVAC system with some years behind it, you may be tempted to think it’s time for a new one, one that is more energy efficient. 

Some may even move forward with a new HVAC system, hoping that the home temperature will be ideal while also saving money. But what if your energy bill is still costing you more than you hoped? What if your HVAC system isn’t the problem? It could be that there are leaks in your air ducts, which can account for anywhere between 25% – 40% of lost air in your home.

If your air ducts have one or more leaks, then your HVAC system has to work harder to heat or cool your home. With winter around the corner, you will want to keep your home warm without losing any heat that your HVAC system produces. With leaks in your air ducts, you are essentially leaking money out of your own pocket. But what are some other signs that you have leaks in your air ducts?

Rooms That Don’t Heat or Cool

Does your HVAC system seem to heat or cool other areas of your home within a reasonable amount of time, except for one or two rooms? One reason could be that there is a leak in the duct within that room. The air ducts running throughout the rest of the home may be sealed tight, which allows the warm or cool air to flow freely through the appropriate vents. But if one room has a leaking duct, then you’ll notice that room simply will not heat or cool as quickly as other rooms.

Dust Accumulation

Dust is a hassle for many reasons, and the last thing you want is more of it. If you notice that dust frequently shows up in certain rooms, especially after turning on your HVAC system, then it’s possible you have leaks and holes in your air ducts. Dust and other pollutants are easily sucked up into the air duct system when leaks are present.

High Utility Bills

Again, if you notice an increase in your utility bill outside of the normal fluctuation that occurs with seasonal changes, it could be a sign of leaking air ducts. The loss of warm or cool air will only force your HVAC system to work harder to achieve the thermostat’s set temperature. An overworked HVAC system will not only reflect a higher utility bill, but it will also shorten the life of your system.

To get the most out of your HVAC system, especially in prolonging its life and lowering your bills, you will want to ensure that all the air ducts within your home are properly sealed.

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