Do you live in Dalton GA and are having trouble with your heater?  Do you find yourself sneaking in to Roadrunners and buying a cup of coffee just to spend time in a heated building with a warm cup of coffee? Don’t worry, reliable help is here!
We know Dalton, Georgia, can get a bit rainy and chilly at times. As the rain begins to come down it is wonderful to wrap up in a blanket with some hot chocolate, cozy up in your warm home, and watch a great movie! That’s only fun if you’ve got a warm home though, because when you’re freezing, shivering, and feeling miserable, it is practically impossible to enjoy a movie. Is your heater ready for the winter?

Don’t worry if it’s not! Central Heat & Air loves to serve the people of Dalton, Georgia, and are fantastic at heater repairs. We understand that the homes of Dalton, Georgia, may have a number of different heating systems; from heat pumps, to gas furnaces, to programmable thermostats. We know them all, and keeping you warm this winter is our goal.

There are a number of things that may have caused this issue with your heating system:

●     power outages
●     switches being flipped
●     internal rust/malfunction/problems
●     frozen pipes and more!

Luckily at Central Heat & Air we know how to diagnose the problem and will find the least expensive way to fix it for you. So if you live in Dalton, Georgia, and you need heater repair, call us at Central Heat & Air, we’d love to come take a look at the problem!